The next generation of tamper-evident food packaging

Smart-Tab® is an intuitive tamper evident design that simplifies both packing and lid release.

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Opening the Smart-Tab® works like many other pre-packed products that you find at your local supermarket. It uses a pull tab just like a soda can, but with the added ability to reseal several times.

The innovative Smart-Tab® is consumer friendly and solves these common issues:

It's easy to open!

The patented Smart-Tab® solution offers an improved customer experience. It is easy to open, does not use tear strips, has no sharp edges, and is easy to reseal.
No tear strip
Smooth surface label area
Allows stack-ability
Leak resistance
Easy to pull Smart-Tab®
Tamper Evident feature

The containers are ideal for grab and go convenient retail packs. They are excellent for:
Candies, Snacks, Cut Fruits, Veggies, Bakery and Baking Ingredients

They can be pre-packed for various uses where tamper evident solutions are preferred:

  • Supermarkets and Grocery Stores
  • Convenience Stores
  • Arenas and Sporting events
  • Cafeterias and Commissaries
  • Health Food Stores
  • Fundraisers

These containers are leak resistant, conveniently stackable, and lock-in freshness, providing a solid choice for food processors.

Simplified Opening

Opening the container is simplified and any tampering is clearly visible by the raised pull tab.


The stylish containers enhance food presentation while offering an intuitive easy to use opening solution.

Minimizing Material Waste

There are no tear strips or shrink-bands with the Smart-Tab® technology, thereby minimizing material waste.


Resealing the container is just as easy and conveniently tells you it has been securely resealed with an audible 'snap'.



Item code: ASQ508
Material: PET
Case pack: 500
Try this for candy and nuts.


Item code: ASQ512
Material: PET
Case pack: 500
Try this for small vegetables and fruit.


Item code: ASQ516
Material: PET
Case pack: 500
Try this for baking ingredients ex. flour.


Item code: ASQ524
Material: PET
Case pack: 500
Try this for trail mix and granola.


Item code: ASQ532
Material: PET
Case pack: 500
Try this for mini cookies and donuts.

Universal Lid

Item code: ASQ5STL
Material: PET
Case pack: 500